About Us

Profisee exists to make Master Data Management easy, for the purpose of unlocking the power of trusted data.

Everything Profisee does, from product development, sales, marketing, professional services, customer support and more, it’s all focused on the rally cry of making Master Data Management easy and a natural foundation for all data management.


What We Do

Historically, Master Data Management (MDM) has been perceived as difficult to buy, difficult to justify, risky and expensive to both purchase and own. Profisee is changing the MDM game, dismantling the perception of MDM being ‘difficult’ and making MDM an easy and a natural foundation for of all data management. Everything that Profisee does as a company is centered around the focal point of making MDM easy – easy to buy, easy to deploy and easy to use. Our approach to making MDM easy provides organizations with a fast, affordable, and scalable solution to deliver high-quality, trusted data across the enterprise.

Who We Are

We are building an enduring company and a platform that emphasizes the value of the data-enabled future. We put our employees and our customers at the center of everything we do.

How We Work

We value the work-life balance of today’s virtual workforce. Built for fast growth: we value high-energy, integrity, and trusted collaboration.