Accelerate Your MDM Implementation

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Knowledge Transfer

With the goal of self-sufficiency in mind, Profisee conducts Administrator Training at the beginning of the Accelerator.

Quicker Go Live

Provide us a system meeting minimum hardware and software requirement and we assists with installation of the initial environment for training and prototype development.

No Stone Left Unturned

Resource and team introductions, computing and training facility configuration, scheduling, logistics, and finalization of prototype scope.

We Promise To Deliver

Our delivery focused approach ensures we get results.

Installation & Configuration

Our consultants come onsite to help you configure the platform, provide focused training, and lead your team in applying their new skills through the development of a prototype solution. Using your requirements, data, and environment, an Accelerator maximizes knowledge transfer and minimizes the time required to get up to speed and deliver the following:

  • Profisee Administrator Training
  • Data Stewards Training
  • Accelerator Summary Document

Design and Development

Data modelling and Quality rules, batch import and Export, Security, Address Verification, Matching and Survivorship are all part of the deliverables during the prototype where we focus on taming a single domain. In this stage we deliver the following:

  • Single Primary Entity (Simple or Complex)
  • Demonstrate all Profisee components
  • Design best practice

Progress Monitoring

Scheduling a formal status meeting midway through the accelerator to ensure that progress is acceptable, and any critical issues can be addressed.

  • Checkpoint between Profisee and client
  • Solution monitoring and refinement
  • Prototype completion and planning

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