Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Master Data Management Services
Pilot & Proof-of-Concept

With a Pilot or Proof-of-Concept engagement, we implement a prototype solution in the vernacular of the client’s business, using their data and computing infrastructure, to concretely demonstrate Master Data Maestro’s ability to meet their specific needs.

Pilot & Proof of Concept

Master Data Roadmap

Whether just getting started or well on your way, a Master Data Roadmap strategy is critical to the success of an MDM solution implementation. Determine your roadmap and strategic approach. [more]

Master Data Assessment

Before beginning the development of an MDM solution, it is imperative to clearly identify where you are, where you want to go, and the first step for getting there. Leverage Profisee’s Master Data Assessment to ensure your first solution is a success.[more]

Master Data Accelerator

Many companies are investigating the tremendous value offered by Microsoft MDS and Master Data Maestro. The Master Data Accelerator is the quickest, easiest, and most cost effective way to get started with Microsoft MDS and Maestro. [more]

Turnkey Solution

When time-to-market is of utmost importance, Profisee implements your solution on a turnkey basis, owning all aspects of the development and deployment lifecycle, delivering an MDM solution quickly, and ensuring your team is positioned to carry it forward.

Turnkey Solution

Private Coaching

Profisee’s Master Data Private Coaching service provides consistent oversight, assistance, and guidance to keep MDM projects on-track and in-sync with established best-practices and implementation principles. [more]

MDM Application Review

As you complete implementation of your initial master data domain, Profisee can provide ongoing mentoring as you work to extend that domain to support additional requirements, or begin the process of implementing additional domains.


Data Governance

Master Data Governance

Through the Master Data Governance engagement, Profisee’s consultants mentor and assist the client, through the STUDY, DESIGN, PREPARE, and LAUNCH phases of the Profisee Governance Methodology, to establish and execute a Master Data Governance Program.

Workflow Accelerator

The one-week Workflow Accelerator engagement trains the client on how to use Maestro Workflow to develop workflow-based solutions for managing master data, and concludes with a working prototype solution to meet a specific client business objective.

Workflow Accelerator

SDK Accelerator

SDK Accelerator

The SDK Accelerator engagement helps clients quickly come up to speed on using the Maestro SDK to develop custom service-based integrations, user interfaces, and/or process solutions to run on Profisee’s Maestro MDM platform.


Profisee’s MetaModel is a centralized repository for capturing, managing, and exposing metadata for their master data management solution. The MetaModel engagement provides deployment, training and customization support for implementation of the MetaModel.


Production Architecture

Production Architecture

Profisee’s Production Architecture Initialization engagement provides services that ensure the optimal design, installation and configuration of a production MDM environment, ensuring Maestro customers a smooth launch for their MDM solution.

MDS & Maestro Training

Profisee offers the comprehensive technology and application education that is essential for a smooth implementation and successful adoption of Microsoft MDS and Master Data Maestro. [more]


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