The Complete Guide to Governance and MDM in Azure

Learn why poor data quality is the biggest threat to your azure investment and how data governance and master data management together are the best path to trusted data.

As companies recognize the value of data in achieving business objectives like digital transformation, business intelligence (BI) or analytics, operational efficiency and meeting compliance requirements, they seek to manage their data as an asset of the business.

This comprehensive guide demonstrates why organizations have trust issues with their data, why poor data quality poses a risk to their investments and why MDM and data governance are the solution to these problems and are best implemented together.

Read the full guide to learn:

  • Whether you can trust the quality of your enterprise data in Azure
  • Why poor data quality is the biggest threat to your Azure investment
  • How master data management can unleash the power of your data governance program
  • Why Microsoft Purview and Profisee MDM are the clear choice for data governance and master data management for the Azure enterprise

Download the Guide


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