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Support Operational MDM

Maestro’s real-time integration and adapter approach supports operational MDM, eliminating the need for “batch” processing with a real-time matching engine, eventing and queue management features. Fast incremental processing with on-demand lookup and matching provide a robust, real-time-enabled user experience.

Matching is transparent, with full explanations, and the ability to match desired members to desired targets, deploy multi-step strategies and perform matching without masters. International mailing address verification, correction and augmentation services use authoritative reference data covering over 240 countries.

Survivorship services remove the need for staging, eliminating the potential for deadlocks and conflicts at the database level, and providing the ability to use the Maestro application while survivorship runs – again, in real time. And the advanced Workflow features of the Maestro SDK enable you to orchestrate real-time MDM events and provide the ability to launch standard and custom actions for all purposes.


Master Data Maestro - MDM Platform

Top 5 Reasons You Need Maestro for Operational MDM

#1 :: Fast - Multi-Step Strategies, Incremental Matching

In implementing Golden Record Management (GRM), it is common for organizations to have numerous “overlapping” matching strategies per entity, as not all records have consistent data for matching. It can be challenging and very time-consuming to correctly structure these strategies to achieve the desired results. Maestro enables highly effective, real-time matching by supporting the capability to combine strategies into a single strategy with multiple steps. Incremental matching means the user can start and stop the matching as needed, and achieve results incrementally without having to re-start a big batch matching cycle over from the beginning. Because you can re-match anything on demand, you can view and understand matching results in real-time, for rapid value realization.

#2 :: Reliable – Real-Time Data Quality

For real-time matching to ensure data quality, Maestro supports a lookup-before-create scenario. This enables users to enter some details about a potential new record, and have these details matched against the set of existing data in Maestro, on the fly. If the record exists as a master already, the master is returned, so that the user is prevented from creating a potential duplicate, and having to run matching after the fact to identify and eliminate the duplicate. In addition, Maestro supports incremental matching and ad hoc user lookup features, including real-time address verification, for a rapid time-to-value on MDM.

#3 :: Extensible – SDK, Adapters

Maestro provides tools that help solve the complex challenges encountered when extending an MDM solution into the operational enterprise environment, with reduced cost and minimized risk. The Maestro SDK (Software Development Kit) enables you to customize your MDM solution in-house, quickly and cost-effectively, to leverage ESBs and produce custom solutions that support plug-ins and add-ins for CRM, email and other operational systems. Available Maestro Adapters for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM systems enable you to easily extend your MDM solution to incorporate customer-related information and applications, leveraging Maestro’s lookup-before-create GRM and event management features to establish and maintain an authoritative master customer record across the enterprise, in real-time.

#4 :: Scalable – Volume in Action

Scalability in a real-time MDM solution presents very specific challenges. The MDS database is fully scalable, allowing you to build hundreds of millions of members in a single domain, if needed. But the key to delivering a truly scalable MDM solution lies in providing the right interface between the database and the users to enable real-time data stewardship in even the highest volume operational environments. Maestro Workflow provides sophisticated solutions to initiate, orchestrate, and manage master data interactions among hundreds or even thousands of “casual” data stewards across the enterprise. For power data stewards, who may each be responsible for managing very large master data domains – perhaps tens of millions of members – the out-of-the box Maestro Desktop/UI provides power data stewardship tools like personalized, reusable views of the data, and mass editing capabilities – crucial productivity tools at the high end of the power user scale.

#5 :: Value – Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Efficient implementation, rapid modeling, and a productive user experience are key drivers of real-time value realization and ongoing cost efficiencies with an enterprise MDM solution. In terms of implementation, there is no better approach than Maestro to fast-track Microsoft-centric reference architecture, which Profisee co-designed specifically to optimize the speed and performance of operational MDM. For rapid modeling, Maestro enables you to build an entire MDM model from existing data models instantly, using Maestro’s ERwin® integration for easy pick-and-mix custom modeling. Maestro also offers Industry Models to use as a springboard or to complement your existing data modeling structure with selected individual entities. For rapid user acceptance and ramp-up to operational productivity, Maestro provides expertly designed out-of-the-box user interfaces for the power data steward, and the Maestro SDK and Workflow provide the tools to create task-specific interfaces to transparently initiate, orchestrate and manage tasks among “casual” users.