CDO Matters Ep. 04 | Insights from the 2022 CDOIQ Conference with Sanjeev Mohan

August 12, 2022

Episode Overview:

In this episode of CDO Matters, Malcolm interviews Sanjeev Mohan.  Sanjeev is a fellow former Gartner data and analytics analyst and is the founder of SanjMo, a professional services organization focused on helping organizations discover opportunities for market advancement and company growth through outsider insights into their data analytics, internal processes, customer feedback and competitors. 

This episode of CDO Matters was recorded live at the 2022 CDOIQ Conference on the campus of MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Malcolm and Sanjeev discuss their key takeaways and learnings from the sixteenth iteration of this annual conference focused exclusively on the needs of CDOs from across the globe.   

This podcast helps CDOs better understand the benefits of attending this conference in the future, what sets this conference apart from others and what some of the top trends are within the data and analytics space discussed at the conference.  CDOs will also appreciate some unique insights on the evolution of the CDO role, as reflected through the conversations with the many CDOs attending this unique conference.  For CDOs looking to attend more industry events and seeking to build their professional networks, CDOs will better understand if the CDOIQ conference is the right fit for their business needs.

Key Moments

  • 2:45: Key trends as reflected through conversations and presentations at the CDOIQ conference
  • 7:52: Caliber of networking experienced at the CDOIQ conference.   
  • 13:20: Vendor focus at CDOIQ
  • 19:46: Malcolm and Sanjeev discuss life after Gartner 
  • 29:26: Common themes heard during conversations with CDOs at CDOIQ  
  • 31:35: The future of data management

Key Takeaways:

The Expanding Role of the CDO (2:54–4:02)

“CDOs are getting much more tightly integrated with businesses…it is all about monetizing, democratizing and getting value out of your data.” – Sanjeev Mohan

How Product Management is Becoming Integrated with Data Management (4:42–5:29)

“On a high level, I think it is a really good trend. This trend towards product management in the data management space.” – Malcolm Hawker

The Value of the Entire Data Lifecycle (6:06-6:49)

“Data as a product has become so important…we think of its entire lifecycle.” – Sanjeev Mohan

The Unique Opportunity of the CDO IQ Conference (7:52-8:51)

“To me, [networking] is the highlight of this conference…these are the senior-level decision-makers with decades of experience….and just learning from them.” – Sanjeev Mohan

The Importance of Data Storytelling (17:46-18:44)

“It’s easy for technology people like us to say that we aren’t salespeople…but at the heart, it is being able to tell the data story.” – Malcolm Hawker

About the Guest

Sanjeev is a former Gartner data and analytics analyst and the co-host of the It Depends podcast. He is also the principal and founder of SanjiMo, a professional services firm helping companies become more data-driven. As former Gartner analysts, Sanjeev and Malcolm spent time working together in the data space.

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How can today’s Chief Data Officers help their organizations become more data-driven? Join former Gartner analyst Malcolm Hawker as he interviews thought leaders on all things data management – ranging from data fabrics to blockchain and more — and learns why they matter to today’s CDOs. If you want to dig deep into the CDO Matters that are top-of-mind for today’s modern data leaders, this show is for you.

Malcolm Hawker
Malcolm Hawker is an experienced thought leader in data management and governance and has consulted on thousands of software implementations in his years as a Gartner analyst, architect at Dun & Bradstreet and more. Now as an evangelist for helping companies become truly data-driven, he’s here to help CDOs understand how data can be a competitive advantage.


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