Talos are a Microsoft Data & AI Solutions Partner focused on driving Efficient Decision Making through Automation and Analytics. Efficient Decision Making means having the right data in the right hands at the right time to make a decision. This decision may be made by a human or a software robot and we understand what is required to support both paths.

Efficient Decision Making is founded on well managed data. Using our delivery accelerators and software partners’ tools such as Profisee, we help build reliable, accessible, and well managed data platforms. Using our self-service oriented approach, data is put in the hands of end users so they can make their decisions efficiently and independently of IT.

Well managed data can then be trusted to drive the decisions your organisation can automate. Robotic Process Automation can drive huge efficiencies for non-cognitive tasks. For cognitive tasks, having high quality and reliable data is essential to allow robots the freedom to make choices you can trust.
Our technology focus for Analytics is Microsoft. We specialise in Fabric, Power BI and the Azure Data Platform. Our technology focus for Robotic Process Automation is UiPath. We have our EPIC methodology for helping customers start their automation journey.”


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