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Deliver Business-Ready Data With MDM and Governance Solutions from Profisee & Avanade

Accelerate your digital transformation journey with world-class implementation services from Avanade, powered by Profisee MDM and Microsoft Purview.
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About Avanade

A joint venture between Microsoft and Accenture, Avanade exists to be the leading digital innovator, realizing results for its clients and their customers through the power of people and the Microsoft ecosystem. In addition to Microsoft, Avanade partners with leading technology providers to offer digital solutions that help organizations get more value from the Microsoft ecosystem.

Profisee and Purview: Better Together

Whether you want to get access to more trustworthy insights or enable AI across the enterprise, Profisee and Microsoft Purview are the perfect pairing for building a quality data foundation for accurate, trustworthy data. With high-quality data being more important than ever, it’s no wonder Avanade partners with Profisee to help its clients make the most of Microsoft Purview for their data governance initiatives.

Write Data Governance Policies With Purview…

Microsoft Purview is a powerful tool for data governance, letting you manage data across the enterprise to improve data quality. Avanade has several years of experience helping industry-leading clients easily create a data governance framework and governance policies with Purview to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of what data quality means for their organization.

…And Enforce Them With Profisee

What’s the point of creating rules if you can’t enforce them? Profisee lets you enforce the data governance policies you set with Purview, improving the quality of your data across any domain and from any source. Features like match, merge and survivorship ensure your data stays consistent, de-deplicated and trustworthy.

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Get Started with Microsoft Fabric Today

Discover how Avanade’s repeatable implementation solution can help your organization quickly get started with Microsoft Fabric. Through its partnership with Microsoft and Profisee, Avanade can help you design and implement a tailored solution that meets your business needs. For more information and to get started, visit the Avanade Data Fabric with Profisee and Microsoft Purview solution on Azure Marketplace.


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