Making MDM Easy

Profisee has made MDM easier to deploy, easier to use and easier to scale to in order to build a foundation of trusted data across the business.


The Profisee Difference

Here, There, and Everywhere
True multi-domain MDM. Expand the use of MDM across the business without incremental costs of additional domains.

The Price Is Right
Affordable to purchase and to own allows for a favorable total cost of ownership (TCO).

The Most Recommended MDM Solution
According to Gartner Peer Insights, 100% of Profisee customers would recommend Profisee.

Make it Accurate
With a platform that fully cleans and unifies the data for you and keeps it that way.

Making MDM Easy
Profisee has made MDM easier to deploy, easier to use, easier to scale and easily pay for itself many times over.

Faster Than Fast
“Vendor with most implementations in under 90 days”, Gartner MDM Magic Quadrant Report 2020.

Microsoft Masters
Tailor made for Microsoft environments and native integrations into Azure Purview, Azure Synapse, Azure Data Factory and more.

Modern Cloud Architecture
Profisee MDM is designed as a cloud-native application that takes advantage of cloud elasticity and scalability. We handle maintenance so you can focus on what you do best.

What the Profisee MDM Platform does

Most of our customers were people just like you who needed to quickly be able to…

Improve data quality

Identify duplicates

Fill gaps & enrich

Connect across systems

Harmonize information

Enforce governance

How The Profisee MDM Platform Does It

Enforce governance standards, improve data quality and unify data across multiple systems to build a trusted data foundation of enterprise data with the Profisee multi-domain MDM platform.


Identify and group sets of duplicate records using fuzzy matching logic to create a distinct set of data.


Automatically create and populate golden records with the best information available across source systems.


Logically combine duplicate records, and update source systems with that same logical merge.


Define data quality rules that can identify existing invalid data and prevent new data quality issues from being created.


Easily integrate with thrid-party data services to standardize common data such as Businesses, Addresses, Names, Email Addresses, and Phone Numbers.


Define rules to automatically perform data calculations and assignments. Leverage third part dat aservices to enrich the information you already have.

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what customers are saying

The Profisee team is deeply engaged with their growing user base, responsive to ideas we post and up-vote in the user community forum — and they routinely deliver new features in their product releases.

Sr. Master Data Architect

Profisee provides powerful, flexible platform to master your data. I have brought Profisee into two organizations now and I’ve been consistently pleased with the results.

Enterprise Master Data Manager


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