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Master Data Maestro Education Services

As developers of the official Microsoft Master Data Services public education curriculum, Profisee is the natural company to extend MDS to deliver best-in-class MDM solutions with out-of-the-box software for many advanced MDM requirements.

Profisee offers comprehensive courses dedicated to getting your team up and running with Master Data Maestro in the shortest time possible. Profisee hosts classroom training onsite at customer’s facilities for up to 8 students, and hosts sessions in our Atlanta headquarters for classes of 8 or more students. These courses deliver the in-depth, hands-on training your team needs to ensure a successful master data management strategy—from implementation and administration to wide-spread business use.

Fixed-price Maestro Education (2 days of education + ½ day system setup)

For organizations already working with MDS and looking to add Master Data Maestro to their platform, Profisee offers Maestro education, helping to further leverage your investment in MDS.

Fixed-price MDS Education (2 days of education + ½ day system setup)

For organizations just looking to implement Master Data Services, Profisee offers MDS Education, delivered using the official MDS curriculum.

Fixed-price Maestro and MDS Education (4 days of education + ½ day system setup)

For organizations implementing both MDS and Maestro for the first time, Profisee can deliver training for both MDS and Maestro Education and ramp your entire team on the platform all at once.

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MSTR001 :: Maestro Data Steward Education

Course Duration

One day; 6 hours


Basic proficiency with PCs and corporate master data

Who Should Attend

All data stewards and contributors


Through a combination of lecture, demonstration and self-paced practice, MSTR001 students learn the functions of Master Data Maestro such as managing entities, managing hierarchies, working with matching results, audit and validation issues.

Learn to maximize value and productivity of any existing MDS application by using Maestro Desktop connected directly to MDS.

Part 1: Introduction to Maestro

  • What are Maestro Desktop and Maestro Server?
  • Starting with Maestro Desktop
  • Maestro Desktop walkthrough

Part 2: Managing Entities

  • Entity interface
  • Customizing explorer
  • Working with members
  • Hands-on exercises managing entities

Part 3: Managing Hierarchies

  • Hierarchy overview
  • Working with derived and explicit hierarchies
  • Hands-on exercises managing hierarchies

Part 4: Working with Matching Results

  • Matching concepts
  • Working with matching results
  • Mastering and harmonization
  • Hands-on exercises with matching results

Part 5: Audit and Validation Issues

  • Audit view
  • Validation issues view
  • Hands-on exercises

MSTR002: Maestro Administrator Education

Course Duration

One day; 6 hours


MDS Education and Maestro Data Steward Education,  or demonstrated Microsoft MDS product skills and knowledge and  Maestro Data Steward Education

Who Should Attend

All Administrators


Through a combination of lecture, demonstration, and self-paced practice, MSTR002 students will understand features of the application such as adaptive modeling, address verification, matching overview, and adminsitrative matching.

Learn everything you need to know to implement and execute matching and survivorship strategies in Maestro Server. Connect to Bing Maps for address and geocoding services.

Part 1: Adaptive Modeling

  • Hands-on exercises

Part 2: Address Verification

  • What is address verification?
  • Address verification administration
  • Hands-on address verification exercises

Part 3: Matching Overview

  • Matching introduction
  • Matching concepts
  • Other matching topics

Part 4: Matching

  • Administration
  • Strategy creation
  • Running matching and viewing results
  • Matching results view
  • Survivorship
  • Hands-on exercises with matching

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