Selling MDM to Leadership: Evaluation Pitfalls

July 1, 2020
11:00 am EST

Chances are, this is probably the first time you’ve evaluated an MDM solution, and by now, you know there is A LOT to consider when evaluating vendors. But before you go signing any contracts, be sure you know exactly what you’re signing up for.

Join the ‘Three MDM Amigos’ (see speakers below) for a live-panel discussion on understanding how stuff works, what to look for, and go through examples of problems to solve. Specifically, the ‘Three MDM Amigos’ will discuss:

  • What are you trying to solve?: failure to base your evaluation on actual business use cases is very common. “Customer 360” is not a business case! Make sure you know what’s important.
  • What is your selection criteria?: learn how to structure a Proof Of Concept (POC) evaluation to avoid common pitfalls and assess important criteria beyond feature and function.
  • What to look for?: understand how evaluations are typically conducted and what you need to look for at the end of the process; as well as, ways to identify core functionality vs. workarounds.

Register to attend the live-panel discussion OR to receive the on-demand recording once complete. We send out the on-demand recording within 24 hours of the live webinar.

It is easy to get caught up in the possibilities of what MDM can do for your enterprise. It can be daunting trying to decide where to start, what to measure, and what objectives to set. After all, not all data has the same value and not all data problems have the same impact. So what’s the best way to determine the scope of your MDM program?


Bill O'Kane

Bill O’Kane

Former Gartner Analyst and Profisee VP & MDM Strategist Bill O’Kane will guide you through the discussion. Bill served for eight years as Vice President of Data and Analytics and Magic Quadrant lead author at Gartner. He is a recognized thought leader and the world’s foremost authority on the topics of Information Governance and MDM program management, vendors and technologies, and MDM’s role within an overall enterprise information management strategy.

Harbert Bernard

Harbert Bernard leads Profisee’s Value Management Practice, which works to develop BIRs (Business Impact Roadmap) for a range of enterprises at no cost to the organization. He is an experienced management consultant with deep domain expertise around developing business cases for large investments in technology. He understands the transformative power of MDM and is passionate about helping customers succeed. He believes the BIR approach is the way to start the journey.

Christopher Dwight

Christopher is a well respected MDM thought leader and the VP of Customer Success at Profisee. Christopher has been in the enterprise information management and master data management (MDM) space for more than 20 years. He was among the founding members of Razza Solutions, one of the handful of startup companies that pioneered MDM before MDM was a discipline and a market. Razza went on to become Oracle | Hyperion Data Relationship Management, the top-selling MDM solution within Oracle’s MDM portfolio. After Oracle, Christopher led the North America MDM team at Informatica prior to joining Profisee in 2017.



July 1, 2020
11:00 am EST


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