Microsoft Fabric and the Future of Data Management | CDO Matters Live

Headshot of Malcolm Hawker.

Malcolm Hawker
Head of Data Strategy

Erik Zwiefel
Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Americas

Microsoft Fabric is here, and with its arrival, CDOs are eager to see how it might be able to improve their data strategies in ways other data fabric solutions can’t. Microsoft says Fabric is a new AI-powered platform that will reshape how people manage, access and interact with data, but how exactly does it do that? 
In this live podcast event, Profisee Head of Data Strategy and CDO Matters Live host Malcolm Hawker is digging into all things Microsoft Fabric, focusing specifically on its implications for the future of data management. 

We’d love for you to join us December 15th at 11:00 AM ET / 4:00 PM GMT for our webinar,  Microsoft Fabric and the Future of Data Management, with Malcolm Hawker, Head of Data Strategy at Profisee and Erik Zwiefel, CDAO, Americas at Microsoft. 

Join us for this edition of CDO Matters Live to learn: 

  • What Microsoft Fabric is and why it’s so transformational 
  • The differences between Microsoft Fabric and other data fabric solutions 
  • Microsoft’s strategy for enabling data management capabilities within the fabric, including master data management (MDM) 
  • The role OpenAI will play in more automated data management 

Grab your spot today to hear more about what Microsoft Fabric means for your data strategy – and bring any burning questions to our live Q&A. 

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