MDM: BI’s Best Friend Forever

Tyler Graham
Director of Emerging Technologies

You have likely been frustrated by wasting considerable time and/or money reacting to the reporting and analysis of data that is being created, edited, categorized, rolled up, and filtered inconsistently and erroneously across the company; likely separately in many systems. To handle these issues, the process of extracting, merging, harmonizing data often ensues.

This breeds bad data, embarrassing report errors and induced stress. It’s time to put an end to this process.

Learn a strategy for managing the process of empowering business users to proactively own the data they create, update and know, by creating a simple data quality framework using MDM (master data management) and BI to highlight dimensional discrepancies.

Join Profisee’s upcoming webinar featuring the man who wrote the book on MDS & our Director of Emerging Technologies, Tyler Graham, to learn:

  • How to harmonize reporting across your organization
  • Tips to empower the business user to recognize errors, maintain consistency and better manage your data moving forward
  • Improve your data quality framework


Tyler Graham is the Director of Emerging Technologies at Profisee. He has spent over ten years in the data management space, spent six years at Microsoft and was one of the original designers of SQL Server MDS and Author of MDS – SQL Server 2008R2 and 2012. When Tyler is not developing industry solutions, he enjoys skiing, swimming or hiking with his family.

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