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Malcolm Hawker
Head of Data Strategy

Join Profisee’s Head of Data Strategy Malcolm Hawker from May 9-12 at the 2023 IRM UK Data Governance Conference Europe to hear both his opening keynote presentation on the future of master data management (MDM) and a Day 2 presentation on ‘How to Launch an MDM Program in 90 Days.’

Opening Keyote on the Future of MDM

9 May 2023, 14:05 PM GMT

As data volumes grow exponentially and organizations adjust to a new normal of constant disruption, business and data leaders are increasingly expected move at a pace and dexterity as never before experienced.  Sitting at the core of this chaos is the data that’s always mattered the most, master data.  In a world of transformation and change, companies that leverage modern, adaptive and intuitive approaches to MDM processes and technologies will out-pace their competitors, and those who fail to embrace them will be left behind. 

In this presentation, Malcolm Hawker, ex-Gartner MDM analyst shares his insights into the future of MDM, including:

  • Why MDM will remain relevant
  • What ‘modern’ MDM will look like in the future
  • The future state MDM technical landscape
  • What data leaders should start doing to prepare

How to Launch an MDM Program in 90 Days

10 May 2023, 13:20 PM GMT

It’s a widely held belief that MDM programs are big, disruptive, risky, and prone to failure.  While these things may have been true for some companies in the past, providing meaningful business value through the launch (or relaunch) of an MDM program can be done in under 90 days – if you take the right approach.  Come listen to former Gartner MDM analyst Malcolm Hawker as he describes the keys to launching an MDM program in under 12 weeks:

  • Taking an MVP (minimum viable product) approach to your MDM program
  • The importance of choosing the right MDM implementation style
  • How to gain executive alignment and sponsorship
  • Staffing / resourcing an MDM program for speed
  • Other practical lessons from the MDM school of hard knocks

If you’re having trouble getting an MDM program off the ground, or if your existing program is failing to deliver business value, then you won’t want to miss this presentation from the leading expert in the field of Master Data Management. 


Malcolm Hawker: Former Gartner Analyst and Profisee Head of Data Strategy Malcolm Hawker will take questions on all things MDM, data governance and more. Malcolm recently joined Profisee as Head of Data Strategy after spending nearly three years at Gartner while leading and co-authoring the Gartner® Master Data Management Magic Quadrant™, the industry’s most authoritative report on MDM vendors and the direction of the market. Malcolm is a recognized thought leader and one of the industry’s foremost authorities on the topics of data governance and MDM program management, vendors and technologies as well as MDM’s role within an overall enterprise information management strategy.

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