How the Microsoft Fabric is Supporting the Future Data Hero

Portrait of Profisee VP of Product Marketing Martin Boyd

Martin Boyd
VP of Product Marketing

Erik Zwiefel
CDAO, Americas Data & AI

Headshot of Holly Kelly.

Holly Kelly
Principal Program Manager

Eric Melcher
Chief Technology Officer

Learn how Microsoft Fabric empowers you to lead your organization's data strategy

As we step deeper into the era of data-driven decision-making, organizations are increasingly relying on data heroes to navigate the complexities of big data, extract meaningful insights, and drive business value.

In this session we will explore how the Microsoft Fabric, an integrated suite of tools and services, is empowering future data heroes — from the data analyst, to the data engineer, to the Chief Data Officer — to lead their organization’s data strategy and achieve remarkable outcomes.

Attendees of this session will gain insights into the key capabilities of the Microsoft Fabric and how it directly supports the data hero’s journey.

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