Compliance with CCPA is frustrating for many because fully forgetting someone means tracking and updating all of the information you have about them across ALL of your systems; this is very difficult!

Learn how MDM (master data management) platforms significantly accelerate the compliance journey through consolidating, matching, cleaning up and processing of data across your internal applications to reduce risk with CCPA compliance.

Register for this upcoming webinar to attend live and/or receive the on-demand recording; you’ll learn:

  • How MDM can provide a single, accurate, complete record and view for each individual, regardless of where the record resides today.
  • How this visibility empowers you to improve your CCPA compliance by being able to quickly: remove an individual from source systems, identify recipients & receive breach notifications in the unfortunate event that data is compromised.
  • How to leverage MDM software to manage customer access requests, ensure verifiable access requests, provide authorities with proof of an individual’s consent to having data stored, view what data is stored, and so much more!

Featured Speaker: Tyler Graham

Tyler Graham is the Director of Emerging Technologies at Profisee. He has spent over ten years in the data management space, spent six years at Microsoft and was one of the original designers of SQL Server MDS and Author of MDS – SQL Server 2008R2 and 2012. When Tyler is not developing industry solutions, he enjoys skiing, swimming or hiking with his family.

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January 31, 2020, 12:30 pm



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