CRM data quality has become so pervasive that only 49% of organizations consider the current state of their CRM data to be clean, not allowing them to fully leverage it.

CRM applications are designed to manage interactions, not data. This is why best-in-class companies invest in integrated, modern master data management to help build a trusted foundation of governed, high-quality data.

Join Profisee for an upcoming webinar that will cover the What, Why & How of CRM + MDM, specifically:

  • What: Poor data quality negatively impacts the customer experience, decision-making and the success of new-data driven programs.
  • Why: CRM + MDM can improve customer experience and field engagement, yielding greater customer retention and improved sales conversion. See why master data management compliments CRM by continuously ensuring data accuracy and alignment to other systems.
  • How:  Discover how Profisee’s robust data management capabilities and pre-built integration toolkits to Salesforce and Dynamics 365 can help companies realize rapid improvements and quick wins in CRM data quality.

Register to attend the live webinar OR to receive the on-demand recording once complete. We send out the on-demand recording within 24 hours of the live webinar.


Bill O'Kane

Bill O’Kane

Former Gartner Analyst and Profisee VP & MDM Strategist Bill O’Kane will guide you through the discussion. Bill served for eight years as Vice President of Data and Analytics at Gartner, the world’s leading industry analyst and Magic Quadrant author. He is a recognized thought leader and the world’s foremost authority on the topics of Information Governance and MDM program management, vendors and technologies, and MDM’s role within an overall enterprise information management strategy.

Adam Hanson

Adam Hanson

Adam Hanson will lead you through the product’s CRM integration features and Profisee service offerings to enable them. Adam has been with Profisee since its inception and has served in a variety of roles – currently as a Managing Consultant. He possesses a background in software development, business intelligence, master data management, and data governance. Prior to Profisee he was VP of Research & Development at Stratature up until its acquisition by Microsoft.

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April 23, 2020, 11:00 am



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