CDO Matters LIVE | The Latest in AI and The Challenge of AI Data Governance

Headshot of Malcolm Hawker.

Malcolm Hawker
Head of Data Strategy

Understanding AI’s rapid advancements and managing its data governance challenges are essential in today’s tech-driven landscape. Join us on Friday, June 28th at 11AM ET / 3:00PM GMT for the latest edition of CDO Matters LIVE, where Malcolm Hawker will delve into: 

  • The Latest in AI: Exploring how innovations and trends are reshaping businesses. 
  • The Challenge of AI Data Governance: Unveiling strategies for ensuring data quality and regulatory compliance. 

In this live podcast, Malcolm will not only provide insights into integrating cutting-edge AI technologies but also address the pressing issue of data governance. The importance of a solid foundation of data governance in an era of AI-enabled business disruptions cannot be overstated. Many companies struggle to understand what changes to their governance framework are needed and how to implement them swiftly. Malcolm will explore this issue and offer his recommendations on what data leaders can do today to overcome this significant challenge. 

Reserve your spot today to stay ahead of the curve in AI advancements and data governance. Prepare your questions and get ready for an engaging discussion!

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