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Headshot of Malcolm Hawker.

Malcolm Hawker
Head of Data Strategy

In today’s fast-paced business environment, staying ahead of the curve is imperative. You may be curious what good looks like for a next generation analytics organization. Join us Friday, May 10th at 11AM ET / 3:00PM GMT for this month’s edition of CDO Matters LIVE.

During this live podcast event Malcolm Hawker will discuss: 

  • The role of analytics in driving business transformation 
  • Building a data-driven culture within your organization 
  • Overcoming challenges with data governance and quality 

The integration of cutting-edge analytics into organizational frameworks has emerged as a key strategy for companies looking to optimize operations, enhance decision-making processes, and drive sustainable growth. 

This event will serve as a platform to explore the evolving landscape of analytics within organizations and delve into strategies for leveraging the latest technologies and methodologies to build a next-generation analytics organization.

We will be joined by industry experts who will share their insights, best practices, and real-world experiences in harnessing the power of analytics to drive innovation and competitive advantage. 

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