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Reference Data Management

Implement Reference Data Management Into Your Business Strategy Save time and effort by standardizing reference lists and contextual data across your business with reference master

Data Governance

DELIVER THE VALUE OF DATA GOVERNANCE WITH MDM Data governance requires more than rules and definitions. Enforce your governance initiative and prove business value with

BI / Analytics

TURN YOUR DATA INTO IMPACT  Master data management (MDM) delivers a strong data foundation for trusted enterprise analytics. Get a demo DISTRUST IN ANALYTICS IS

Digital Transformation

TRUSTED DATA FOR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION  Master data management (MDM) is critical to becoming truly data-driven, so you can reimagine your business. Get a demo Every

Master Data 101 – What Is Reference Data?

The next concept is reference data which is really just master data. But it’s a little different from some of your big complex core domains. So, reference data’s typically just your simple list that you use to describe things, and most of your operational applications will already have reference data embedded in them, the simple example, the list of languages I just used. Your CRM and ERP applications both might have their own list of languages that obviously have overlapped.

MDM 101 – What Is Master Data Management

Master data management is the combination of people, process, and technology for centralizing and maintaining your master data. The key here is, it’s not just the technology.


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