You Have A Data Quality Problem, Now What?

In today’s data driven world, high quality data is key to the continuous success of an organization and vital for its transactional and operational processes. Yet according to Dun and Bradstreet, more than 50% of companies are still facing data quality challenges.

Opposites Attract: Differences with Big Data and Master Data

There’s a revolution underway in data science to effectively manage and derive value from the growing amount of data being generated in our world. We’ve been driving cars, using phones, and manufacturing product for decades. But now we have mobile phones pinging cell towers everywhere we go, sensors in industrial systems recording information every second, and our cars reporting data back to manufacturers via telematics.

Master Data 101 – What Is Reference Data?

The next concept is reference data which is really just master data. But it’s a little different from some of your big complex core domains. So, reference data’s typically just your simple list that you use to describe things, and most of your operational applications will already have reference data embedded in them, the simple example, the list of languages I just used. Your CRM and ERP applications both might have their own list of languages that obviously have overlapped.

Profisee Continues Record Growth 1st Half FY 2017

Reports Master Data Maestro® License Fee Growth Over 50% Each Year for the Past 5 Consecutive YearsATLANTA, GA—August 30, 2016— Profisee, the company that makes it easy to master data across enterprise data sources, applications and devices, announced today that it continues to experience record growth in the first half of FY 2017. Profisee reports average license fee growth over 50% each year for the past 5 consecutive years…

DesignMind Partners with Profisee to Deliver Master Data Management Solutions

Adding Master Data Maestro™ to suite of Microsoft-based data engineering and analytics solutionsATLANTA, GA—December 8, 2015— Profisee, a master data management software company, is expanding its partner network with a new consulting partnership with DesignMind, a San Francisco-based Data Engineering and Analytics consulting firm.The partnership enables DesignMind to add Profisee’s Master Data Maestro…


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