Modern Data Management for Manufacturing

Data is essential to effective and efficient manufacturing – but many manufacturers are building their business on a shaky foundation. Unless your data is complete, consistent, and trusted, data is not an asset but a liability.

Modern Data Management For Modern Manufacturing

Watch this recorded event to learn about the pressures shaping modern manufacturing, and how to put an MDM infrastructure in place to create a trusted data foundation to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Success at Trelleborg

Learn how Trelleborg was able to support line of business data quality requirements and a strong data foundation for ERP migration.

Success at ITT

Learn how ITT implemented the Profisee Platform and created a single source of truth across customer, vendor and materials data.

Success at Micron

Learn about Micron’s data journey utilizing the Profisee Platform to eliminate duplicated enterprise data to better identify their customers.

Success at Industrial Automation

Learn about how Profisee’s MDM advantage helped this industrial automation company’s data journey through harmonized enterprise data.


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CDO Matters Podcast with Malcolm Hawker


Value Engineering
CDO Matters Podcast Ep. 32 Value Engineering with Laurence Young

with Laurence Young,
Value Consultant at Profisee

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