MDS Migration Utility

Profisee developed the all-in-one MDS Migration Utility to help organizations easily migrate MDS entities,
hierarchies, users and groups with a single click.

REST API Overview

Profisee is built for modern data integration via Profisee API, an OpenAPI REST service that allows secured access to Profisee MDM Model, Record, and Configuration data in JSON format.

About Profisee

Profisee Master Data Management (MDM) is how enterprises finally can solve the data issues holding back so many strategic initiatives.

Data & Address Verification

Profisee integrates with data verification services to validate names, physical locations, mailing addresses, email addresses and
phone numbers.

Selling Master Data Management to Leadership [6 Strategy Tips]

Profisee’s VP of Customer Success Christopher Dwight and VP and MDM Strategist Bill O’Kane discuss the key steps for building an MDM business case, articulating it to leadership, securing funding and deploying MDM for long-term success with an organization.


MDM vs. MDS graphic
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