What is Master Data Management?

Master Data Management is two part data management strategy used by organizations of every size in every industry. It includes specific business processes combined with the technical infrastructure required to provide and maintain consistent and accurate sets of master data.Sometimes, we vendors in the data management world can make the easy complicated.But master data is important to everyone NO MATTER the size of your organization.

MDM Best Practices – The Why vs The How

Over the years, we’ve seen a number of patterns evolve within our customers on their projects. From observing these patterns, there are some common best practices we see our most successful customers always follow. One of those best practices is turning the focus from the “why” to the “how” of the customer 360.

Winning the Sale – 8 steps to Get Your Data Project Approved

Data Managers and alike often wonder why some organizations are able to get budget and resource approval for their data management initiatives quickly, while others struggle to get funding. While they know there is a business need, they struggle to get buy-in, leading to a lengthy debate where the decision in some cases is to do nothing.

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