Profisee Announces New Release: 2021 R3

Profisee Announces New Release: 2021 R3

I am incredibly pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest release of Profisee MDM.

Profisee 2021 R3 introduces several important new features and enhancements:

  • Augmented Stewardship: Profisee has used machine learning (ML) in our core fuzzy matching engine for some time. With the 2021 R3 release, we have delivered a new set of Python-based ML capabilities to address one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks in MDM — data stewardship!Traditional data quality (DQ) rules use a “normal” top-down approach to trap the known and predictable DQ problems. With Augmented Stewardship, Profisee uses machine learning to deliver an innovative bottom-up approach to data quality, automating the discovery of inconsistencies in your data and surfacing them as anomalies to data stewards. Additionally, Profisee has added an ML-based recommendation engine, reducing the effort for data stewards as they work to improve data quality. Working together, Profisee’s ML-based Anomaly Detection and Recommendations significantly reduce and automate the workload for data stewards — all through the same familiar interface!
  • Completely Redesigned Data Stewardship Interface: With the 2021 R3 release, Profisee has reimagined the user interface for data stewardship. Data stewards increasingly expect the applications they use at work to have the same level of design and polish as the apps they use in their personal life. With this release, Profisee delivers on this expectation with a fresh, modern and easy-to-use data stewardship interface. Additionally, Profisee added a new Theming capability, making it easy for customers to configure the Profisee application to use their own corporate branding and styling, making Profisee feel their own application.
  • All-new Matching Experiences: Matching and managing duplicate data together is a key function of any MDM platform. With this release, Profisee has delivered a completely revamped user experience for Survivorship, making it faster and easier for data stewards to manage groups of matched records. Additionally, Profisee delivered a brand-new Match Group visualizer, allowing data stewards to visually understand how a match group was formed as part of managing that group. Profisee also enhanced the matching engine with enhanced criteria, allowing greater control over the automated matching process.
  • Azure Purview Integration: This native, bi-directional integration is now Generally Available after being introduced as a preview feature in 2021 R2. In addition to general testing and hardening during the preview, Profisee added Hierarchies and Relationships as additional asset types published to the Purview data catalog. Anyone planning to use Profisee and Purview together should watch our recent joint webcast with Microsoft where two of their product managers discuss our integration into Azure.

“Master data management is an important aspect of a unified approach to data governance. The combination of Azure Purview and a deeply integrated MDM solution such as Profisee is a tremendous benefit for Azure customers”

Mike Flasko, VP & GM, Data Governance & Privacy Platform at Microsoft

For a full rundown of the new features, customers and partners can access the release notes and watch the new ‘What’s New in 2021 R3’ video overview by signing in to Profisee Academy and navigating to the “What’s New” courses.

Eric Melcher

Eric Melcher

Eric has spent the entirety of his 15+ year career working in the enterprise information management space. As Chief Technology Officer, Eric is responsible for all aspects of product management, development and support for Profisee’s software portfolio.


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