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MDM Best Practices – People vs Technology

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There are several best practices our most successful customers always follow. One of the best practices we’ve seen is when they focus first on people versus the technology. As a business, it is vital for your customers to know they’re valued

Establish a people-first approach from the start

When organizations first get a MDM platform, they often want to get the technology in place first. Many struggle getting the right people on board, and the necessary organization alignment. When you start with the technology approach, you struggle creating a business value proposition to gain adequate buy-in from your company.

If you start with the people, and work toward getting them on board first, this communicates to them what data management can do, how it’s going to improve their work, and how it’s going to provide overall value.

By the time you get to the technology, you are able to successfully
deploy solutions faster.

Seek to understand their actual concerns

If you’re in IT and you’re trying to build a solution and elevate your career, it’s important to understand the business problems of your organization and how to apply data technology to solve these problems. If you don’t integrate the people into the process or understand what their actual concerns are, you will probably have a hard time getting buy-in because they don’t fully understand how it applies to their daily tasks.

Understanding their process and needs first, will help set up trust for long-term success in future projects, too.

Champion individual growth and success

With MDM platforms, you can create democratized access and management of data. This helps individuals take ownership so they can really strive in their jobs. If they have goals, and operational targets they’re trying to meet, this can help them excel and see measurable success. They’re the ones interacting with the customers, managing the employees, and creating the products.

If you focus on their needs in the process, on how they can be more efficient and more productive, then you’re going to end up with a better set of solutions.

Starting with the customer-first approach, instead of technology, helps them better pinpoint how, and why you’re actually implementing this solution.

Create a clear picture

The biggest challenge is getting the stakeholders invested. If you can do this upfront by clearly explaining the value and how it will positively affect their operations, they will feel better about moving forward. They will also begin to realize you’re actually impacting the quality of the data and improving the whole process.

When they can see a holistic view of why this will improve the entire business, they will begin to get on board with the change.

Technology needs to be partnered with the business. Instead of technology forcing something onto the business that may appear as extra work, when implemented well, it pulls everyone onto the same page to pursue a unified goal. By focusing on the end user, you are able to give them the ability and the flexibility to manage their data, but with the controls and framework to manage an organization.

Are you ready to gain some quick wins to set your company on a trajectory for long-term success? Learn more about our services here.

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