Have a ‘BIR’ on us

Profisee helps organizations like yours justify an investment in master data management at no cost to you through the Profisee Business Impact Roadmap (BIR).


Per Gartner, the #1 reason for MDM failure is the lack of a structured framework to qualify and quantify data management value creation.

Success with MDM requires a compelling business case that does 4 things:


Identifies key performance indicators


Quantifies a projected return on investment​​​​

Here’s to your success

At no cost to you, Profisees Business Impact Roadmap (BIR) will help pave the way for successful scope, prioritization, selection and most importantly stakeholder buy-in.


Business led initiatives tend to be broader in scope. The Profisee BIR helps create cross functional and measurable targets for adoption.


The #1 reason MDM initiatives don’t get off the ground is because they can’t get funded. The Profisee BIR helps align MDM with business initiatives and business value


The Profisee BIR helps scope and prioritize business outcomes with MDM.

So if you’re going to build your own business case, here’s what good looks like:

Would you like some help with that MDM business case of yours?

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