Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Deliver a Single View of Master Data

Embedded Address Verification

Inaccurate addresses are very expensive. The good news is that cleansing addresses within a master data hub is easier than it’s ever been before – and the benefits reach far beyond reducing mailing costs. [4:02]

Best-in-Class Matching

A cleansed single view of master data is the foundation for ensuring accuracy and consistency across business transactions, reports and analysis. Maestro’s matching engine delivers best-in-class accuracy, along with myriad tools to finesse and fine-tune results – all with no coding or scripting required. [3:41]

Survivorship :: Mastering & Harmonization

The combination of mastering and harmonization, under the survivorship umbrella, completes the closed-loop GRM process of cleansing, matching and surviving master data – to deliver the most accurate and reliable golden records possible across your entire enterprise. [4:39]

Extend Microsoft Master Data Services

Boost Data Steward Productivity with the Maestro MDM User Interface

Maestro efficiently delivers the right master data, to the right data stewards, at just the right time. Personalized workspaces, custom workflows, cross-hierarchy navigation, intelligent slice/dice... Maestro provides a high-performance user experience designed for the data stewards that work with master data each and every day. [2:36]

Master Data Modeling with Maestro

Master Data Maestro extends the Microsoft MDS platform with advanced modeling capabilities. Leverage existing logical models; reuse prior work and industry models; execute “just-in-time adaptations” to your models as master data evolves. From initial model development, to model enhancements and expansion -- Master Data Maestro delivers optimal Application Life Cycle Management for your master data. [2:27]

Hierarchy Management with Master Data Maestro

Maestro extends the Microsoft MDS platform with performance and power for large volume hierarchy management. Optimized for scalability with large volume hierarchies, Maestro hierarchy management provides the fastest data access and most efficient data management for an optimal user experience. [2:39]

One-click Master Data Reporting with Maestro

Master Data Maestro extends the Microsoft MDS platform with rapid master data reporting. Integrated with SQL Server Reporting Services, Maestro provides one-click report creation directly from any Maestro view. Dynamic master data reports may be made available to any users or systems that rely on accurate and validated master data. [2:18]


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