Building Trusted Data at Domino’s with MDM

Martin Boyd

Malcolm Hawker
VP of Product Marketing, Profisee

Cliff Miller
Enterprise Data Architect, Domino’s

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Profisee MDM enables Domino’s to understand customer purchasing patterns and offer personalized marketing, to manage their complex global supply chain, to proactively identify potential e-commerce fraud, to manage IT assets, to manage all global locations, and to effectively support international franchisees’ growth. They use the Profisee Platform to master their data and view it as a truly strategic and competitive advantage.

Join Cliff Miller, Domino’s Enterprise Data Architect, and Martin Boyd, VP of Product Marketing as they share the evolution of Domino’s master data management efforts from mastering one domain to using Profisee at scale across the entire enterprise. Together they will cover:

  • Why a trusted data foundation is required to power CRM, ERP, BI, and other data capabilities
  • Why starting with one domain was the right strategy for them
  • How Domino’s uses the Profisee Platform at scale
  • How the Profisee Platform is embedded in with machine learning and AI initiatives
  • What the future of Profisee and master data management looks like at Domino’s

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