Fast Track Data Management

Profisee enables any company to get started now, and become strategic tomorrow.

Instead of Massive Data Management, Profisee focuses on helping an organization fast track its data management approach, which enables any company to, regardless of size, or where they consider themselves on their data management journey, to get started quickly and then to scale that capability across any strategic business initiative.

To do this, companies need a solution with three things:

  1. First, they need a solution that is fast to implement and deploy. It can’t take months or years to get the first solution in production.
  2. Second, they need something that is affordable. Not just affordable to buy, but more importantly, affordable to own.
  3. Lastly, the solution must be scalable to keep up with them over time as they grow and manage more data.

There are a lot of vendors that provide one, or even two of these things.

Profisee is the only solution with all three


One platform, one technology. Configuration, not coding.

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Simple Pricing Options Self managed and owned.

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Manage 1B Records Support 1K transaction/second.

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