Benefits Through Strong Partner Relationships

Delivering a trusted unit


Leverage best-practices of over 100 successful MDM projects


Optimize solution scalability, performance & usability.

Stronger Together

Deliver a full service solution, or develop in-house self-sufficiency.

We Promise To Deliver

Our Partners can rest assured we will be supportive.

Partner Services Delivered

Provides a set of partner packages that are designed to “jump start” your engagements by delivering the following:

  • Partner Specific Training
  • Re-useable templates
  • Ongoing Support and other artifacts

Profisee and Partner Models

With expertise from project management, management consulting & technical delivery, Profisee will work in collaboration with the partner to structure engagement models and we will deliver the following:

  • A sample ad-hoc partner model
  • A sample side – by – side model
  • A sample full lifecycle model

Partner Independence

Profisee engages partners with the aim of delivering independence over reliance. As our partners become more proficient there are fewer touch points between Profisee and the customer.

Profisee expertise would only be required on an ad-hoc model rather than too often.

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