Business Drivers for Financial Services MDM

Unlock the full business potential of financial and customer data with master data management

Attract, Grow & Retain Customers

  • Leverage correct, complete and consistent access to customer data across business units to drive insights
  • Build a central repository of customer data to improve customer intelligence, reduce attrition and up-sell/cross-sell

Operational Efficiency & Cost Reduction

  • Synchronize data to enhance operational efficiency by streamlining & automating processes
  • Reduce IT infrastructure cost & complexity by connecting disparate data and promoting reuse across the enterprise

Risk Management & Compliance

  • Leverage consistent, reliable and auditable corporate information across disparate sources to simplify regulatory compliance
  • Improve risk management by integrating a single view of risk across multiple product, geographic and system silos


Profisee helps companies master their customer data with a fast, affordable and scalable platform

Get Data Clean, Keep It Clean

Identify, correct and prevent retail and customer data quality issues

  • Simple configuration
  • Always-on data quality evaluation rules
  • Easy to find and fix data quality issues
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Unlock A Single View

Unlock cleansed, verified and de-duplicated retail data

  • Build your Customer 360
  • Standardize & cleanse data
  • Simple, out-of-the-box setup
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Integrate What You Need

Quickly integrate retail applications and enrich customer data to complete a 360 degree view

  • No code required
  • Simplify complex integrations
  • Out-of-box connectors
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