Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Software Development Kit & Custom Applications

Extending Your MDM Solution

The Maestro SDK, built on the foundation of MDS and Maestro, provides a toolset that helps you enhance and extend your MDM solution further into the enterprise. The API, web services generator, class libraries, web services, and web objects are included with the SDK, providing the capabilities to address a variety of needs. Whether you’re doing custom development against the SDK’s web services interface, or deploying one of its out-of-the-box features such as web parts or workflows, extending your MDM solution is enabled via the SDK. Available templates reduce development time and risk for common functionality. The SDK can also integrate directly with other components of the enterprise, such as an ESB or line of business application.

Generated Libraries & Web Services

The Maestro SDK uses code generation to automate the process of providing the simplified set of objects and service operations that developers desire. The SDK generates code to provide libraries that are strongly typed to the MDM domain, so that, instead of calling a generic service operation, developers can use strongly-typed class libraries and web services such as “GetCustomer”, which returns a “Customer” object. This provides a more intuitive development experience and leads to a significant reduction in the lines of code required to be written by developers, so that custom solutions and integrations can be delivered quickly.

The end result is a more productive development team that delivers solutions more quickly than is otherwise possible, and a solution that is more stable as changes in subsequent releases of MDS are absorbed into the underlying Maestro platform, leaving intact the touch points used by your developers. Custom development using the web services provided natively by MDS, on the other hand, requires developers to fully understand the details and terminology of MDS, to work with a set of very generic web service operations. This limits productivity as developers must invest considerable time learning MDS; for developers outside of the core MDM team, this is an ineffective investment of time.

Web Objects

Maestro’s Web objects provide a set of out-of-the-box tools that enable the creation of task-specific interfaces for casual users, contributors or subscribers to your company’s data, who perform data stewardship activities on an infrequent basis. For these users, the effort to learn a sophisticated interface to manage master data can prove challenging; what they need is a targeted experience that facilitates intuitive completion of a particular task, requiring minimal training or knowledge retention.

The Maestro SDK provides web objects that can be used to develop simple web interfaces for these casual users, built for specific activities, e.g., browsing master data or performing simple stewardship tasks. These web objects are available as standard .NET web controls or .NET web parts, can be integrated with any .NET-compatible Web application, and can be used natively in SharePoint.

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