Time to Look at Other Options Beyond MDS?

Whether you have dabbled with SQL Server Master Data Service (MDS) for your master data needs or you’ve gone deep with a full production solution, there are reasons you should be concerned that your investment in MDS is at risk and that you may be limiting yourself unnecessarily.

Concerned about the future of MDS? There are real reasons to consider your options.

If you are serious about master data management, the article discusses 9 reasons you should think about moving on.

  • Ditch the complex obfuscated physical data model
  • High total cost of ownership
  • Limited enterprise integration options
  • Lack of apps and tailoring
  • Workflow – you ain’t got no workflow
  • Duplicates, duplicates, duplicates!
  • Your head is in the clouds, but your data is somewhere else
  • You can’t manage what you can’t measure

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