Microsoft Gold & Co-sell Partner Releases Latest Solution for the Microsoft ecosystem

ATLANTA, GA—March 28, 2018— Profisee, a leading modern data management technology company, announced today, Profisee LightSwitch™, a suite of purpose built data management applications for the enterprise.  With today’s launch, Profisee includes its first two LightSwitch applications: LightSwitch for Dynamics 365 and LightSwitch for Reference Data Management.

When migrating data to new applications, starting with clean, reliable data is always the goal, but often difficult due to poor quality information being migrated from legacy applications. Profisee LightSwitch for Dynamics 365 (D365) provides an out of the box solution that is pre-configured for migrating data from Salesforce, Dynamics CRM and other legacy applications to D365.   Deployable in the cloud or on premise, LightSwitch for D365 leverages Profisee’s data management capabilities to match, merge, verify, standardize, and steward data before it’s loaded into D365. Once live, it can continue to be used to manage data quality on an ongoing basis, and not only get the data clean, but keep it clean.

Profisee LightSwitch for Reference Data Management (RDM) provides out of the box management and governance of reference data. Available via the Azure Marketplace, LightSwitch for RDM is the only Reference Data Management solution that turns on in minutes and is paid for by the hour.  Due to the high cost of traditional RDM solutions, most organizations rely on spreadsheets and manual processes, or nothing at all. LightSwitch for RDM is the first enterprise solution that allows organizations to start small with an investment they can afford, and scale as their needs grow, and affordably solve their reference data needs.

Profisee VP of Global Product Management Eric Melcher states, “Organizations migrating to D365 don’t want to just move their legacy information as is. They want to improve it so they can start from Day 1 with clean, reliable information.  These LightSwitch applications are the first of many as we continue to help organizations solve common data management challenges.”

About Profisee

Profisee is an enterprise data management company that makes it easy and affordable for any size organization to ensure a trusted data foundation. Our unique, Profisee Advantage™ approach allows companies to leverage enterprise multi-domain data management capability, without limits on users, data volume or sources.  This has provided the industry’s highest customer satisfaction rating by accelerating and exceeding customer expectations.

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