Everything you need to finally create a consolidated customer dimension.


Highly flexible modeling engine, allowing you to model your master data as it exists in your business. Logically model your data elements and relationships.

  • Powerful and flexible data modeling
  • No fixed data models, no constraints
  • Data relationship modeling


Quickly and easily bulk load data into Profisee via staging, with high performance and reliability.

  • Simple to load large data volumes
  • High performance
  • Robust and Reliable

Data Quality Rules

Define the validation and assignment rules that are the cornerstone of your data management solution. Identify missing or invalid information. Automate the calculation of values.

  • Validate and identify issues
  • Calculate values dynamically
  • Constraints to prevent bad data

Fuzzy Matching

Matching via a high performance in-memory engine allows you to identify and group together duplicate data at massive scale. Use lookup before create to prevent the creation of new duplicates

  • Fuzzy matching and grouping
  • Codeless and fully configurable


Create, populate, and manage golden records. Harmonize data back to source applications. Find and merge duplicate records. Create and maintain a curated set of master data.

  • Create and populate golden records
  • Harmonization data to source applications

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