Introducing Profisee Essentials

Profisee Essentials™ is a data management platform that allows any size organization to begin building a higher quality data foundation.

Open The Door to MDM

A fast, affordable, and scalable way to get started on any enterprise-level digital transformation initiative.

Deployment Options

An enterprise-class master data management platform that provides the freedom to choose your preferred deployment approach, cloud, on-premises or hybrid.

Connect Your Data

A simple path forward for cleansing, connecting, enriching, and unifying data across your enterprise.

Profisee Platform Matrix

Profisee Platform Matrix

How does Profisee Essentials help?

Profisee Essentials helps organizations looking to get started with MDM but cannot justify the traditional multi-six figure investment to purchase or re-implement another solution.


Profisee Essentials offers companies a way to start their MDM journey without the traditional six-figure investment.

Easy Administration

  • Easy to use admin experience
  • Point-and-click admin configuration
  • Easily manage environments

Better Data Quality

  • Built-in data quality analytics
  • Auto execution, always up-to-date
  • Reliable, logging of failed assignments

Easy Management Between Environments

  • Deploy only the components you need
  • Full sync with review/conflict
  • Effortlessly archive/deploy data

Streamlined Administration

  • Faster offline modeling/publishing
  • Point-and-click FastApp configuration
  • Robust, role-based security

Purpose-Built For Your Audience

  • FastApps for specific audience needs
  • Intuitive UX means less time/training
  • Simplified data stewardship


Provides all your core data management capabilities.


Highly flexible modeling engine, allowing you to model your master data as it exists in your business. Logically model your data elements and relationships.

  • Powerful and flexible data modeling
  • No fixed data models, no constraints
  • Data relationship modeling

Batch Integration

Quickly and easily bulk load data into Profisee via staging, with high performance and reliability.

  • Simple to load large data volumes
  • High performance
  • Robust and Reliable


It’s easy to overlook how easy (or hard) it is to promote a solution between environments until it’s too late. Profisee has you covered. Profisee supports modern SDLC processes, with portable configuration artifacts.

  • Export/Import everything between environments
  • Create automated deployment scripts
  • Manage solution artifacts in source control


Data stewards have different responsibilities. Why make them all use the same application. With Profisee, quickly configure FastApps, alloing each stewardship community to have a purpose built stewardship applications.

  • Configure content that’s relevant
  • Easily define pages and navigation
  • Simplicity minimizes training


Analytics help highlight what needs to be done, and measure progress over time and against SLAs.

  • Configure menus and pages for navigation
  • Views/forms control what can been seen and done
  • Actionable Analytics direct steward activities

Hierarchy Management

Model the relationships in your data, and sets of relationships that define a hierarchy. Manage hierarchies via an innovative and simple web based experience that handles large and complex hierarchies with ease.

  • Manage multiple alternate hierarchies
  • Innovative beyond drag and drop interface
  • Robust search and navigation

Data Quality Rules

Define the validation and assignment rules that are the cornerstone of your data management solution. Identify missing or invalid information. Automate the calculation of values. Prevent invalid information from being created via constraints.

  • Validate and identify issues
  • Calculate values dynamically
  • Constraints to prevent bad data

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