Complete Profisee feature set, supporting all MDM implementation styles.

Base Features

Core data management capabilities such as modeling, data quality rules, FastApp data stewardship applications, and hierarchy management.

Everything you need for a data management foundation.

  • Model your critical data
  • Define the rules for data quality
  • Configure FastApps for stewardship

Application Edition Features

Workflow, Event Management plus Integrator support real-time operational data management solutions.

  • Cross-functional stewardship processes
  • Real-time bi-directional integration
  • SDK enabled customization

GRM Edition Features

Matching and survivorship allow you to identify duplicate data, create and manage golden records, and merge duplicates together. Use lookup before create to prevent the creation of new duplicates

Verify and standardize common data such as addresses, names, email addresses and phone numbers.

  • Matching and merging of duplicate data
  • Survivorship and golden record management
  • Verification and standardization

Multi-Node Cluster Support

Support missions critical workloads with multi-node Profisee clusters. Improve performance by scaling out your architecture, or support high availability requirements.

  • Scale out of large workloads across nodes
  • Meet availability requirements

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