In addition to the features of the Essential edition, the Application edition includes

Base Features

Core data management capabilities such as modeling, data quality rules, FastApp data stewardship applications, and hierarchy management.

Everything you need for a data management foundation.

  • Model your critical data
  • Define the rules for data quality
  • Configure FastApps for stewardship


Design workflow processes to drive and enforce complex cross-functional business processes. Automated workflow initiation based on changes to data, with build in tasks and notifications.

Enable data stewards by making it easy to know what needs to be done.

  • Workflow design and management
  • Data steward tasks and notification
  • Cross-functional business processes

Integrator and Event Management

Implement complex integrations with no code required, minimizing complexity and cost. Connect to common databases, applications and services.

  • Data mapping configuration
  • Batch or real-time execution
  • Event driven for data driven integrations


Profisee’s SDK (Software Development Kit) provides programmatic access to all the capabilities of Profisee. Develop custom user experiences, direct integration, or support highly complex requirements. Support for REST or SOAP services.

  • Web service generation
  • Programmatic access to core functions
  • Custom solution development

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