Making Integration Easy

Implement complex integrations with no code required, minimizing complexity and cost.

Real-Time Integration

Correct information in MDM, and have those changes updated in operational applications in seconds.

No more waiting for overnight integration processes to run.

Support any Style of MDM

Don’t compromise on your MDM architecture due to integration complexity. Integrator makes complex integration patterns easy

Deliver the MDM solution that truly meets the needs of your business.

Save Money

When breaking down the cost of implementing an MDM solution, integration is typically one of the larger efforts and costs.

Integrator support complex integrations out of the box, saving time and money.


Integrations that are MDM aware

Real-time, Bi-directional

Operational MDM requires real-time, bi-directional integration. Integrator makes this type of complex integration easy with event driven integration.

Integrate with databases, applications, or services.

  • Near-real time integration
  • Event-driven when your data changes
  • Integrate with applications or services

Native Connectivity

Native connectivity to common systems, applications and services. Point and click configuration of maps.

Data can be integrated in batch (bulk), or one record at a time via event driven integrations.

  • Databases like SQL and Oracle
  • Applications like Salesforce and D365
  • Services like Dun & Bradstreet and Melissa

Built-in Intelligence

System Aware Identity Management (SAIM) manages lineage and translations between source systems and MDM.

Integrator can talk to each application in its own “language”, and automatically translate identities into MDM.

  • Automated lineage management
  • Source identifier mapping and translation
  • No coding required

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