Full Featured Industry Models

Support common use cases, following industry best practices and standard.

End-to-End Solutions

Comprehensive models include common data sets for your industry, and supporting reference data sets.

Industry solutions typically contain 100+ pre-configured data sets.

Minimize Risk

Industry solutions are developed following industry standard best practices, and leverage industry specific models from standards bodies where available.

Take the guesswork out of your MDM implementation, and reduce your risk at the same time.


Built on Profisee’s multi-domain MDM platform, you have flexibility to meet your unique requirements.

Where your needs differ from the industry standard, quickly add your own data sets and data elements, all via simple configuration.


You don’t have to implement your MDM solution from scratch.

Data Model

At the core of Industry solutions is a data model, which contains all of the data sets and elements to provide broad coverage for a given industry.

Determine the scope of your first MDM solution, and use the components needed to meet your requirements.

  • Pre-modeled data sets and elements
  • Relationships and hierarchies

Supporting Artifacts

Industry solutions include pre-populated reference data sets and integrations where applicable, saving you time on the initial implementation of your solutions.

  • Reference data
  • Pre-configured integrations


MDM solutions are best implemented incrementally. Industry solutions include model documentation, helping you determine which components(s) of the solution would be best for you to begin with.

  • Data set documentation
  • Data element documentation

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