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Data Dictionary

Capture the technical and business metadata for your master data, allowing users to understand the information they are working with.

Policies and Standards

Define your policies and standards, whether they be around process or data quality, and allow Profisee to enforce them.


Capture business terms and their meaning, helping create an aligned vernacular for the organization.


With Profisee you don’t just define policies and standards, you use them

Metadata Model

Create and manage a system-wide data dictionary, capturing technical metadata alongside business-user-defined metadata.

  • Automated capture of technical metadata
  • Document business defined metadata
  • Easily share and collaborate on core definitions

Data Quality Measurement

Monitor and measure the quality of your information, and whether you are meeting the requirements defined by governance for data quality. Hold others accountable.

  • Measure the quality of your data
  • Understand where you issues are
  • Hold stewards accountable

Process SLAs

Capture the defined SLAs for business processes, and enforce them in cross-functional workflow processes, providing a systematic way to measure and enforce the SLAs defined by the business.

  • Define Target and Maximum process SLAs
  • Automated expiration and escalation
  • Built-in measurement of steward performance

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