No Coding Necessary

Configure your entire data management solution using Profisee FastApp Studio.

Fast to Production

It can’t take years to start realizing value from your data management program.

Less Costly To Implement

Time is money. Profisee doesn’t require a team of resources with different skillsets to configure.

Easy To Learn

With FastApp Studio, everything you need to deliver your data management solution is in one place.


The core capabilities that are the foundation of any data management program.

Data Modeling

Point and click logical modeling of your master and reference data, which generates a physical schema for storage and management of data. Fast and flexible to support modern project methodologies.

Built in logging and auditing of data changes for risk and compliance requirements.

  • Doesn’t require deep technical expertise
  • Model your business relationships
  • Create hierarchies for visual management


Robust security model allows you to safely manage the most sensitive information. Define functional permissions, or permissions to control data access at the table, column and/or row level.

Manage your most sensitive information with Profisee.

  • User authentication via Active Directory
  • Use teams to define security roles
  • Grant users rights directly, or via one or more teams


It’s easy to overlook how easy (or hard) it is to promote a solution between environments until it’s too late.

Profisee has you covered. Profisee supports modern SDLC processes, with portable configuration artifacts.

  • Export/Import everything between environments
  • Create automated deployment scripts
  • Manage solution artifacts in source control

How we help our customers

Discover the success Profisee has brought to companies like yours.

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Customer, vendor, materials data across 3 SAP instances

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Mastering Product and Customer to revolutionize their business process efficiency

See how Ready Mix USA used MDM to fill holes in their reporting and analytics.

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Managing Customer Data in High Growth Mode

Learn how Ossur reduced shipping costs and addressed data quality across 10 systems.

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Case Study
Needed Accurate and Timely Data Updates

See how GAP achieved a 50% reduction in manual effort to update their financial reports.

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M&As caused lack of business insight across facilities

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