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Acknowledged for its ease of use, Event Management allows you to trigger events based on changes to master data. These events can then initiate real-time data integrations, workflows, or distribute messages to other enterprise applications. Profisee’s Event Management is the industry’s leading capability for facilitating real-time MDM. Events can be generated by changes to data within Profisee, as well as posted to Profisee by external systems, enabling you to update Profisee with the latest master data from those systems immediately. Event Management enables real-time operational MDM, supporting real-time processes and integrations, and increasing the business value of your MDM solution.

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The Heartbeat of MDM

Simple Configuration

Events are defined via a simple to use configuration wizard, with no code required. Events can be triggered via changes at the row or cell level, or on demand. Named events can represent logical changes (e.g., “Address Changed” if any address field changes).

Transparent Event Triggering

Filters can be configured to eliminate unnecessary event messages, or trigger events only for specific value changes. Assign one or more subscribers for any event and the Profisee platform will ensure each subscriber is notified when an event is triggered.

Robust Management

Event management provides turnkey management and distribution of events to downstream subscribers. The Event Management dashboard provides full transparency into all event activity, including visibility into any events whose subscribers failed (ex. downstream system offline) and are queued for reprocessing.


Event Management provides an open framework for developing your own custom event subscribers. Create your own subscribers to repeat messages onto your own ESB platform, send data to external applications, or implement complex logic to manage your master data.

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  • The Profisee MDM platform provides exactly what we are looking for."

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    ―Slobodan R.

    "MDM made straightforward for enterprise level initiatives."

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    ―IT Enterprise Architect

    "Very affordable and user friendly. Great for modeling big data domains."

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    ―User in Higher Education

  • "Great end-to-end product to make MDM easier for organizations."

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    ―Internal Consultant

    "Quick way to establish an MDM discipline. Software was easy to implement and manage."

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    ―Director of Business Intelligence

    "Proactive business partner, straight forward implementations, excellent vision"

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    ―Business Intelligence Manager

  • "The price is right and the technical support is competent."

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    ―BI Analyst

    "Excellent integration with common platforms.Superb enterprise data management platform."

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    ―User in Accounting

    "The best thing about the software is the UI, it is very nice and clear. It is very easy to understand."

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    ―Administrator in Computer Software

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