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Cloud / Hybrid / On-Prem

Cloud-based applications and data storage offer new opportunities, but make the data landscape more complex. Without a strategy to ensure data is consistent and trusted, increasing fragmentation can put the benefits of the cloud at risk.

Use MDM to drive data consistency and trust across all data, wherever it resides.

MDM In The Cloud

As with any business application, there are benefits to deploying MDM applications in the cloud.

A modern MDM platform should be capable of being deployed and migrated seamlessly from on-prem to the cloud and back.

Built-in Flexibility

The use of the cloud for both data and applications accelerates an already fast-evolving IT landscape.

Your MDM platform should be able to keep up with – and lead – these changes, and not be a hindrance to managing disparate data and implementing best practices.

Your Cloud Data Journey: A Path Forward

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