We believe that the overall market penetration of MDM solutions of this type is still below 10%.

Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management Solutions, October, 30, 2017.

The Problem with Legacy MDM

As Gartner puts it, there is a reason less than 10% the market is using MDM platforms. Legacy MDM tools have a rich history of being:

  • Complex & Difficult
  • Expensive to Buy & Own
  • Slow to Implement
  • Slow to Show Value

These problems have left many companies in a state of ‘do nothing’, until now…

A Fresh Take on Master Data Management Software

The only MDM platform that offers a fast, affordable and scalable path to building a trusted data foundation


  • Fast to implement and deploy
  • Fast to show success and value


  • Affordable to buy and own
  • Simple pricing options


  • Scales with simplicity, not cost
  • One platform, one technology

Begin Your Journey with the ultimate MDM platform

The Profisee Platform brings your organization’s data to the next level.

Get Started

Realize the full potential of your data

Data quality, governance and management is vital to successful business outcomes; start your journey.


Enhance incomplete and/or missing data with advanced verification


Correct data in your critical systems by identifying duplicates and “‘bad” data


Connect data in disparate systems with corrected and enhanced information from your MDM hub


Unify your data to create a trusted data master view

Business Value

  • Don’t just move data, improve it
  • Day 1: Start with clean, usable data
  • Fix bad data as it’s created
  • Continuous monitoring/improvement
  • Focus on business requirements
  • LightSwitch handles the data

IT Value

  • More than just another ETL tool
  • No more “hard-coding” of data quality
  • Easily absorb customizations
  • No more “data cleanup” projects
  • Pre-configured, up & running in minutes
  • It just works.

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