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Enforce consistent rules

Un-governed data is a problem waiting to happen. Either consistent rules do not exist, or they are not well enforced, but either way, poor data governance sows the seeds of chaos.

Well-governed data is consistent for the business, and compliant for regulations – lowering costs and risks, while improving effectiveness and agility.

Data Compliance

Define rules and procedures to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), CCPA (California Data Protection Regulation) and other emerging data protection and privacy regulations

Implementation of consistent rules relies on consistent and well-understood data.

Data Quality

Even if well-defined, data rules must be enforced at the lowest level – when data is entered, imported, combined and used – the quality of the data must be known at each step.

Data quality and stewardship enforce rules and allow for rapid reporting and remediation when errors are encountered.

Data Governance & Compliance: Peace Of Mind

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