How Profisee Helps

Leverage New Data

Requires harmonization and integration of data sources regardless of format, semantics and origin, including IoT, cloud, enterprise applications, and traditional databases

Use MDM to create a trusted data foundation as a basis for any Digital Transformation project

Complete Visibility

The insights that drive Digital Transformation require broad visibility across disparate data sources

Access all relevant data from any source and harmonize them into a single, consistent view regardless of its location

Agile Implementation

The big risk with any Digital Transformation project is to try to ‘boil the ocean’ – in other words to try to do too much all at once, when an incremental approach is almost always better.

Choose an MDM platform that is designed for flexible, incremental implementation.

Digital Transformation: Accelerated

Discover the success Profisee has brought to companies like yours.

Case Study
Needed Master Data to Optimize Sales & Profit

How Profisee helped Domino’s Pizza achieve their Insight Driven Enterprise.

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Case Study
Customer, vendor, materials data across 3 SAP instances

Learn how ITT created a single source of truth across customer, vendor and materials data.

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Case Study
Mastering Product and Customer to revolutionize their business process efficiency

See how Ready Mix USA used MDM to fill holes in their reporting and analytics.

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Case Study
Managing Customer Data in High Growth Mode

Learn how Ossur reduced shipping costs and addressed data quality across 10 systems.

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Case Study
Needed Accurate and Timely Data Updates

See how GAP achieved a 50% reduction in manual effort to update their financial reports.

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Case Study
M&As caused lack of business insight across facilities

See how this healthcare company used MDM to improve visibility into facility operations and profitability.

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