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The Healthcare Industry is experiencing a dramatic shift as strict new regulations force every industry entity into new compliance processes.

Medical organizations are playing a high risk game of catch-up while trying to balance privacy and efficiency throughout the provider-payer chain. The unique benefits of Microsoft Master Data Services combined with Profisee Master Data Maestro provide the flexibility and power demanded by these challenges.

Maestro Healthcare provides best-in-class master data modeling and data quality controls, and an accelerated deployment path for rapid time-to-value while minimizing cost, resources, and risk. Maestro Healthcare components are modular in design, allowing payers and providers to implement only those components that directly meet their business needs and requirements.

End-to-end Healthcare MDM

Maestro Healthcare, built from real-world experience and collaboration with professional healthcare associations, delivers a comprehensive healthcare MDM solution—expansive data model and industry reference data; matching, survivorship, and data quality strategies; integration, collaboration, and governance services; expert skills transfer and implementation services; and complete platform and solution support.


Maestro Healthcare delivers all the software, master data models, and skills you need to be successful in a single investment. From day one, budget, investment, and ROI are known–no hidden costs exposed later in the project, no transaction fees for data quality, no variable record volume costs based on the size of your business or data models, and no extra fees for tackling your next data domain.


Maestro Healthcare encompasses education and skills transfer as critical components of solution delivery. All Industry Solutions include full classroom training, extended project documentation, and skills transfer. Short term self-sufficiency is key to leveraging your team, executing on optimal ROI, and efficiently delivering additional MDM and reference data solutions in the future.

MDM Expertise

Profisee is a full-service MDM provider, delivering best-in-class software, comprehensive industry models, and expert services and support. For resource constrained customers, Profisee provides complete turnkey services—from basic SQL Server installation, to healthcare-specific model extension, to establishing best-practice business processes and data governance programs.

Benefits of Master Data Maestro for Healthcare

Full-featured Healthcare Model

Leveraging all of the capabilities of Master Data Services and Maestro, the healthcare model contains nearly 150 entities such as Patient, Physician, Location, Drug, and ICD 10, as well as 800 attributes, such as ICD 9 and 10 CM and PCS, CPT and DRG Code, X12 data such as CARC and RARC (Claim adjustment reason codes and Remittance advice codes).

Relationship hierarchies, attribute groupings, security roles, and personalized workspaces provide optimal efficiency and productivity for data stewards from the start. Compatible with many industry standards, Maestro Industry Solutions provides users with a consistent model to accelerate implementation while providing the ability to customize to match their unique business requirements.

Data Quality

Business Rules – Maestro Healthcare ships with over 100 pre-configured business rules to provide instant feedback on data compliance with industry standards. Maestro and MDS provide users with the easy-to-use interfaces for managing and extending these rules.

Location & Contact Data Services – Maestro Healthcare embraces the very best in location and contact data quality services built directly into your MDM platform—all at a fixed price and without any per-record transaction fees. Address standardization, location verification, and contact and email verification strategies improve data accuracy and provide necessary standardization for high-quality person and location matching results.

Matching and Survivorship Strategies – Maestro Healthcare delivers pre-loaded matching strategies for central entities such as Patient and Provider. Survivorship strategies are configured to master the best data to form the optimum golden record, as well as harmonize golden record data back to source records. Synonym lists improve matching accuracy by standardizing common nomenclature discrepancies.

Integration Service Accelerators

All major entities within Maestro Healthcare contain a corresponding Integration Services package to assist users in building integration into and out of the master data model. Maestro Software Development Kit (SDK) components are coded to support direct tie-in to your SOA/EAI environment.

Reference Data Support

Leveraging economies of scale for Maestro Healthcare customers, Profisee provides an ever growing list of healthcare-specific reference data. Maestro Healthcare supplies customizable mappings and packages to support reference data integration within every subscribing organization.

Customizable Storage

While the Healthcare industry model initially provides all standard healthcare Master entities–such as patient, physician, and locations–out of the box, Maestro and MDS allow for customization of these entities to include additional file attributes to store images or links to external MRI data.

Hierarchy Management

Maestro and MDS can support any number of hierarchies on any entity. The Maestro Healthcare industry solution includes over 20 of the most common hierarchy structures around common reference data entities out of the box. These hierarchies only require you to load your data into the standard reference entities to become fully operational.


MDS versioning and additional Maestro features can be leveraged to manage versions of data across different months, thus providing the capabilities to manage acquisition models pre and post-acquisition. Synchronize across multiple versions using Maestro reporting.

Maestro Healthcare Common Use Cases

A “Single View” of Patient

Merge physical records from multiple sources, match records with Maestro Golden Record Management, and automatically master golden records with automated survivorship strategies to deliver the best view of Patient.

A “Single View” of Physicians

Merge physical lists from multiple provider locations, match and master records taking the best data of each system, harmonize golden record values to correct source records.

A “Single View” of Plan

(Medicaid or other policy information) Merge state-based systems, create golden records for persons moving across states, losing coverage, and/or re-gaining eligibility.

Easy Data Steward Actions

  • Cleanse patient and physician records to reduce processing and duplicate care costs
  • Map ICD-9 classifications to the more granular ICD-10 classification schedule. Maestro Healthcare provides a central location to manage all of your standardized Diagnosis and Procedure codes
  • Improve stewardship of patient information flowing through existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Health Information Exchange (HIE) applications
  • Eliminate duplicate premium payments, especially for transient patients, with comprehensive matching and identity resolution strategies

The Short and Sweet

Maestro Healthcare provides the starting point for healthcare companies seeking to leverage world-class master data management software developed around the Microsoft SQL Server platform. Maestro Healthcare encompasses the master data platform and integrated data quality services necessary to tackle complex modeling and management requirements, while at the same time leveraging specific healthcare and life sciences data models around common master data and reference data.

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