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We’ll be tackling the following myths:
Myth #1: High software cost

Many organizations believe that MDM software must cost in the millions of dollars to be successful, learn how modern MDM companies are mitigating high software costs by finding smarter, faster and more sophisticated ways to manage your data.

Myth #2: Extended implementation times

Organizations commonly believe that MDM requires multiple years and budget cycles to provide initial business value, but in reality, many programs can get off the ground in as little as a few months – join us to find out how!

Myth #3: MDM is an “IT Project”

It is a common misconception within organizations that IT must run MDM programs, and that business involvement can hinder the program. We’re here to tell you MDM is a journey, not a destination. We’ll explore the who, what and how to ensure your initiative is successful.

Leading the webinar:
Martin Boyd VP, Product Marketing, Profisee
Prasad Gadde VP & Head of Enterprise Data & Insights Services, Compunnel Digital
Bill O’Kane VP & Market Strategist, Profisee
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November 7, 2019, 2:00 pm



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